2017 Conference Speaker

jonathan-lamb2017 CONVENTION SPEAKER: Jonathan Lamb, CEO, Keswick Ministries


TEACHING SYNOPSIS: Today, no-one who is committed to Christ escapes the ups and downs of Christian experience. In his most personal and transparent letter, Paul helps the Corinthians – and us – to see that the Christian life is not an easy ride, but that God’s resources are more than enough for the journey. His strength and grace provide what we need, and the gospel empowers us and shapes how we are to live.



lamb-speaking-1Jonathan Lamb came to faith as a child of five at a mission for children in London. After studying Geography and Economics, he taught for some years prior to joining the staff of the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, first as a regional staff worker and then as Head of Student Ministries in Britain.

He was then appointed to the staff of Belmont Chapel, Exeter, where he was primarily involved in a pastoral and teaching ministry. During this time he also served as East European Coordinator for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, working in Communist Europe and the Soviet Union, and then in 1989 was appointed Regional Secretary for Europe and Eurasia, overseeing a team of staff working across 50 countries. In 2000 he was appointed Associate General Secretary for IFES.

In 2003 he was invited by John Stott to join the staff of Langham Partnership as Director of Langham Preaching, in order to pioneer a programme of training around the world, designed to provide practical support for a new generation of preachers and teachers. During his tenure, indigenous national preaching movements have been established in most continents of the world, and he has travelled widely in teaching and training in such preaching movements in some 50 countries.

Jonathan then served as the CEO for Keswick Ministries, seeking to extend the work of the Keswick movement through teaching and training in the UK and beyond. He is now the minister-at-large, serving the Keswick movement nationally and globally. He also continues to support student ministry around the world, serving as an IFES Vice President, and is regularly involved in teaching events for staff and students in different countries.

He is the author of several books, including Integrity: Leading with God Watching (IVP), looking at aspects of Christian ministry and leadership from Paul’s writing to the Corinthians. He is also a co-editor with Dr Chris Wright of Understanding and Using the Bible (SPCK), a study guide written by a range of international authors. He has written several books for Keswick Ministries, including Faith in the Face of Danger on the story of Nehemiah, From Why to Worship, a study guide to the prophecy of Habakkuk and Godliness from Head to Toe on the book of James. His most recent publications are Preaching Matters: Encountering the Living God (IVP), and Knowing God Better: The Vision of the Keswick Movement (Keswick Ministries). He and his wife, Margaret, live in Oxford, and are members of St Andrew’s church. They have three daughters.